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Pimlico is an infrastructure platform for building the next generation of smart accounts. If you are developing an ERC-4337 smart account, we provide bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and much more to help you build a more stable wallet and iterate faster.

🎓 Tutorials →

Learning-oriented lessons that take you through a series of steps to complete a project. Most useful when you want to get started with Pimlico.

💭 Conceptual Guides →

High-level explanations of core Account Abstraction and Pimlico concepts. Most useful when you want to understand how Pimlico works under the hood.

permissionless.js →

Our TypeScript library built on viem for interacting with ERC-4337 bundlers, paymasters, and user operations.

Bundler →

Powering smart accounts by relaying ERC-4337 user operations for fast and reliable on-chain inclusion.

Verifying Paymaster →

Sponsoring the gas fees for user operations on 20+ chains with a simple API endpoint.

ERC-20 Paymaster →

Allowing users to pay for gas fees with ERC-20 tokens in a permissionless way.


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