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Supported Chains

Our verifying paymasters allows you to sponsor User Operations on-chain with our paymaster contracts.

In exchange for sponsoring the on-chain gas fees, we deduct from your balance off-chain.

The following chains are supported

Ethereum✅ (ethereum)✅ (sepolia)
Arbitrum✅ (arbitrum)✅ (arbitrum-sepolia)
Polygon✅ (polygon)✅ (mumbai)
Optimism✅ (optimism)✅ (optimism-sepolia)
Gnosis✅ (gnosis)✅ (chiado-testnet)
Linea✅ (linea)✅ (linea-testnet)
Base✅ (base)✅ (base-sepolia)
Avalanche C-Chain✅ (avalanche)✅ (avalanche-fuji)
Scroll✅ (scroll)✅ (scroll-sepolia-testnet)
Celo✅ (celo)✅ (celo-alfajores-testnet)
BSC✅ (binance)
DFK Chain✅ (dfk-chain)✅ (dfk-chain-test)
Klaytn✅ (klaytn-cypress)
Xai Orbit✅ (xai)✅ (xai-sepolia-orbit)
Nautilus✅ (nautilus)
opBNB✅ (opbnb)
Fuse✅ (fuse)
Zora✅ (zora)✅ (zora-sepolia)

All calls are in JSON-RPC format and have to be made to the following URL:{chain}/rpc?apikey=[YOUR_API_KEY_HERE]

Where {chain} is the chain variable (such as sepolia or polygon) as found in the table above.