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Smart Account Client

A Smart Account Client is an almost drop-in replacement for a standard viem walletClient but for managing smart accounts instead of EOA accounts. In addition, a Smart Account Client also contains, depending on the underlying smart account implementation used, a few extra actions that are specific to smart accounts.

To create a Smart Account Client, use the createSmartAccountClient function.


import { createSmartAccountClient } from 'permissionless'


Initialize a Smart Account Client with your desired account (which can be created using a function like signerToSimpleSmartAccount), chain, bundler transport, and optionally a sponsorUserOperation middleware by using the createSmartAccountClient method:

import { http } from 'viem'
import { sepolia } from 'viem/chains'
import { createSmartAccountClient, ENTRYPOINT_ADDRESS_V07 } from "permissionless";
import { simpleSmartAccount } from "./simpleSmartAccount"; // created elsewhere
import { pimlicoPaymaster } from "./paymaster"; // created elsewhere
const smartAccountClient = createSmartAccountClient({
    account: simpleSmartAccount,
    entryPoint: ENTRYPOINT_ADDRESS_V07
    chain: sepolia, // or whatever chain you are using
    bundlerTransport: http(""),
    middleware: {
        sponsorUserOperation: pimlicoPaymaster.sponsorUserOperation // if using a paymaster

Then you can consume Smart Account Actions and access properties:

const smartAccountAddress = await smartAccountClient.address