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Uses a smart account to executes a write function on a contract.

A "write" function on a Solidity contract modifies the state of the blockchain.


import { smartAccountClient } from "./smartAccountClient"
import { simpleAbi } from './abi'
const hash = await smartAccountClient.writeContract({
    address: '0xFBA3912Ca04dd458c843e2EE08967fC04f3579c2',
    abi: simpleAbi,
    functionName: 'mint',

Return Value

  • Type: Hash

The transaction hash of the associated write operation



  • Type: Address

The contract address.


  • Type: Abi

The contract's ABI.


  • Type: string

A function to extract from the ABI.

args (optional)

  • Type: Inferred from ABI.

Arguments to pass to function call.

gas (optional)

  • Type: bigint

The gas limit for the transaction. Note that passing a gas limit also skips the gas estimation step.

nonce (optional)

  • Type: number

Unique number identifying this transaction.

value (optional)

  • Type: number

Value in wei sent with this transaction.

gasPrice (optional)

  • Type: bigint

The price (in wei) to pay per gas. Only applies to Legacy Transactions

maxFeePerGas (optional)

  • Type: bigint

Total fee per gas (in wei), inclusive of maxPriorityFeePerGas. Only applies to EIP-1559 Transactions

maxPriorityFeePerGas (optional)

  • Type: bigint

Max priority fee per gas (in wei). Only applies to EIP-1559 Transactions

dataSuffix (optional)

  • Type: Hex

Data to append to the end of the calldata.

account (optional)

  • Type: SmartAccount

The Account to write to the contract from.