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Supported Chains

Use our standard api endpoint to send bundler-specific calls to is at{chain}/rpc?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY_HEREto call the bundler endpoint if you have an API key. If you need an API key, follow the Quick Start guide to get one.

Our bundler is currently live on the following networks:

Ethereum✅ (ethereum)✅ (sepolia)
Arbitrum✅ (arbitrum)✅ (arbitrum-sepolia)
Polygon✅ (polygon)✅ (mumbai)
Optimism✅ (optimism)✅ (optimism-sepolia)
Gnosis✅ (gnosis)✅ (chiado-testnet)
Linea✅ (linea)✅ (linea-testnet)
Base✅ (base)✅ (base-sepolia)
Avalanche C-Chain✅ (avalanche)✅ (avalanche-fuji)
Scroll✅ (scroll)✅ (scroll-sepolia-testnet)
Celo✅ (celo)✅ (celo-alfajores-testnet)
BSC✅ (binance)
DFK Chain✅ (dfk-chain)✅ (dfk-chain-test)
Klaytn✅ (klaytn-cypress)
Xai Orbit✅ (xai)✅ (xai-sepolia-orbit)
Nautilus✅ (nautilus)
opBNB✅ (opbnb)
Fuse✅ (fuse)
Zora✅ (zora)✅ (zora-sepolia)

For more on the bundler methods, see the ERC-4337 specification.