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AA34 signature error

The validatePaymasterUserOp function of the paymaster contract rejected the signature of the user operation.

Possible solutions

  • If you are using your own paymaster contract, verify that the user operation was correctly signed according to your implementation, and that the paymaster signature was correctly encoded in the paymasterAndData field of the user operation.
    • Most paymaster implementations sign over a custom hash of the user operation. Make sure that the hash is correctly computed.
    • Make sure the paymaster signature verification function is correctly implemented.
  • If you are using a paymaster service like Pimlico, make sure you do not modify any of the fields of the user operation after the paymaster signs over it (except the signature field).
  • If you are using a paymaster service like Pimlico and you have not modified any of the fields except the signature but you are still getting this error, reach out to them.
  • If all else fails, investigate why the validatePaymasterUserOp function rejected the paymaster signature using tools like Tenderly.